"Property management in the San Francisco Bay Area is an art, we consider ourselves artists." - John Way, founder. 

To be a successful property management company in San Francisco & The Bay Area you need your most experienced agents on the case. Many realtors treat property management as an entry level position with the more experienced agents handling sales.

At Property Force only our most experienced agents manage your property & report directly to our most senior property managers who also happen to be our founders. As an owner your can feel rest assured that your property is in the best possible hands and is getting the attention it deserves.  Property management is a skill and one that the property managers at Property Force strive for excellence at.


Whether it's a stand alone property management for a house or a luxury apartment, we'll step right in and make your life worry free. From tenant acquisition to maintenance, hire us and your work is done. 


Have a multi unit home or apartment building, then you've come to the right place.  While more complex property management skills are required, this is nothing new to us & we'll take the load off your shoulders.


San Francisco's economy is booming & while that attracts people it also attracts businesses. Commercial rentals require particular skills & experience to manage - our property managers are ready & waiting.

Property Management San Francisco & The Bay Area

Property Force is your one stop shop for property management in San Francisco and the Bay Area.  With multiple offices and a team of dedicated property managers, Property Force is well positioned to meet and exceed your expectations of a property management company.

Property Management San Francisco

Property managers in San Francisco face unique challenges attributed to the explosion of high paid jobs and a younger skewing demographic.  For a property management company in San Francisco this impacts not only renters but also owners with both finding the need of a property management company for the first time.  While the learning curve for both tenants and landlords in San Francisco being rather steep, Property Force's experienced property managers work tirelessly to manage the needs of both parties to ensure a productive relationship for all involved.

Property Management Bay Area

Not to be out done, the Bay Area market has grown exponentially and many property management companies have not kept pace with the industry.  Property Force has positioned itself as a stand along property management company which ensures that our most experienced agents work directly with landlords and tenants.  Through technology adoption our property management services are industry leading, all the while maintaining the personal and human touch that sets our property managers in a class of their own.  It's this delicate balance of technology and personal service that has propelled Property Force to be among the Bay Area's top property management companies.