Project Management

As expert project managers we have the experience and knowledge necessary to help property owners achieve their goals and maximize investment potential.

At Property Force, we understand that additional work may be required to maximize our client’s property investments. Our team of experienced professionals and licensed contractors are ready to guide property owners through each stage of a new project. We are available to handle any proposal, from minor repairs and remodels, to full renovations . This is just a sample of our Project Management offerings. Contact us directly to learn more.

We are sensitive to varying budgets for client projects, and our resources, innovative ideas, and industry expertise will allow Property Force to tailor a solution specific to your needs while helping direct your invested dollars into the right activities. Our project management expertise allows property owners to realize the full potential of their investments. Here is a list of our Project Management Services:

  • Client Needs Analysis
  • Bid Procurement
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Site Supervision
  • Material and Equipment Coordination
  • Construction Administration
  • Quality Control
  • Cost Control
  • Project Close-out