What utilities am I responsible for paying?


Refer to your lease. Generally, tenants are responsible for all utilities unless noted otherwise.

When should I have utilities put in my name?


Before you move into the unit. The utility company can set service up to begin billing on your move-in date, even if you had a “whirlwind” lease-signing. If you fail to put service in your name at move-in, we will charge an administrative fee of $50.00 to compensate Property Force, Inc for the time necessary for our office to contact the utility company directly.  Please refer to the utility sheet in your introduction packet for more details.

What do I do if someone if parked/parking in my parking space?


Try the diplomatic route first: Place a note on the car, and find alternate parking for that day or night. (When parking on the street, remember to check all posted signs! Property Force is not responsible for parking fines.) If the situation continues, call a Tow Company. Also, write down the information of the car (description, license plate, etc.) and contact us at the office so that we can attempt locate the individual in question.