Am I allowed to make "improvements" to my unit?


All improvements (shelves, paint, etc.) must be approved by the management company in writing. Any improvements that result in the unit needing to be returned to pre-move-in conditions (wall-color, shelves, etc) may lead to deductions from your security deposit.

What do I do about a noisy neighbor, or other neighbor complaint?


First try to handle it directly with the neighbor in question, and in a friendly manner. If the problem persists, contact the management company. (If the noise is extreme, after 10pm, please call the local police department if you feel it is warranted.)

What should I do if I'm going to be out of town when rent is due?


Plan in advance! Use your online access to Appfolio and make an ACH payment directly from your bank account or send us a check before you leave town, and we will hold it until the day your rent is due. Late rent is late rent, regardless of the reason.

On what day is rent considered late?


Please refer to your individual lease. In most cases, however, rent is considered late if it is not received in our office by 5pm on the fifth day of the month. It is your responsibility to get your rent to us on or before the due-date. If you know you will be unable to pay rent on time, let us know. We always try to work with our tenants in these matters, but if no word is received from you in advance, you may receive legal notices as well as late fees (refer to your lease for late fee information). Please be considerate of our time as well as your record, as it takes us a great deal of time to visit each property for rent collection, or to post notices when rent is late.

What happens if my rent check bounces?


You are responsible for the bank's Nonsufficient Funds (NSF) fee. Generally, this fee is c. $20.00. You must also replace the bounced check with a Cashier’s Check or Money Order. We will not attempt to re-deposit the check.

What is a "Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit"?


A "3 Day Notice" is a legal document served to a tenant when rent has either been returned due to NSF, or if it has not been received by the due date. Once this notice is served, if rent is not paid, it can be used as the beginning of an eviction process.

If there is a matter in dispute with the management company, can I withhold my rent until it is settled?


No. According to California law, you cannot withhold rent from the person to whom it is owed, in order to influence matters under dispute. You also cannot deduct any amount from your rent, without first clearing it with the management company or owner, in cases where you have handled repairs or other matters by yourself. In such cases, it is standard for us to reimburse a tenant after they have paid their full rental amount.