"Managing properties in the San Francisco Bay Area is an art, we consider ourselves artists." - founder 

To be a successful property management company in the Bay you need your most experienced agents on the case. Many realtors treat property management as an entry level position with the more experienced agents handling sales.

At Property Force only our most experienced agents manage your property & report directly our most senior property managers who also happen to be our founders. As an owner your can feel rest assured that your property is in the best possible hands and is getting the attention it deserves.


Whether it's a stand alone house or a luxury apartment, we'll step right in and make your life worry free. From tenant acquisition to emergency maintenance, after hiring us your work is done. 


Have a multi unit home or apartment building, then you've come to the right place.  While more complex than managing a single dwelling, this is nothing new to us & we'll take the load off your shoulders.


San Francisco's economy is booming & while that attracts people it also attracts businesses. Commercial rentals require particular skills & experience to lease out & manage - we're ready when you are.