HOA Management

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San Francisco Bay Area HOA Management Services

Experience full service HOA Management from a seasoned team of real estate professionals

From fine-tuned board packages to dynamic financial tracking solutions, Property Force allows owners to enjoy the full benefits of efficient HOA Management.

Property Force provides the following services on behalf of your Association.

Full Financial Services

Collection of homeowner dues, bill payment, financial statement preparation, and bank reconciliation for your Board of Directors to review. Your Board maintains complete control of all Association expenses from both the operating and reverse accounts.

Fiscal Overview

We ensure that your Association complies with all financial reporting requirements, including annual budgets and delinquent assessment collection policies.

Budget Preparation

Property Force helps your Board prepare its annual budget for distribution to homeowners at least 45 days prior to commencement of the Association’s fiscal year.

Annual Review

We distribute your Association’s annual report to homeowners. The report consists of a balance sheet and income statement. Alternatively, we help the Association’s CPA with the compilation if the Association’s annual income level makes such a document necessary.

Reserve Study

Property Force facilitates preparation of a Reserve Study to ensure that the Association complies with the three-year code requirement.

Board Meetings

We prepare a “Board Package,” that includes a management report with Board action items, as well as information designed for Board consumption prior to each Board meeting. A well-prepared and organized board package ensures efficient conduction of Association business during meetings.

Record Keeping

Property Force generates a draft of meeting minutes and a file of the final version following Board approval. Property Force also maintains the Association records.

Compliance with Condominium Law

Property Force prepares and delivers meeting notices as required by Civil Code, one of the key requirements of the Davis-Stirling Act. This Act is revised constantly, but we closely monitor the updates while working with HOA Boards.


Property Force prepares all Board correspondence.

Employee Supervision

Our team generates employee manuals and checklists, if required. We also handle employee training and orientation.

House Rules Review

Property Force prepares a draft of new rules for adoption by the Board. We also revise and make recommendations concerning existing documents.


Property Force prepares a Safety Plan, if required. We conduct fire drills, and handle employee training on safety procedures.

Physical Plant

Property Force conducts frequent property walkthroughs of property common areas. We note any maintenance, repair, or replacement needs. We also obtain bids for needed work, which the Board may review and approve. We follow up until all work is complete, making recommendations about maintenance and equipment. Property Force ensures that all work complies with City, State, and National fire and safety codes as well as any other requirements pertinent to specific multiple-occupancy buildings.

Vendor Supervision

Property Force reviews all existing maintenance contracts, recommending improvements where necessary. We obtain competitive bids for all work, as subject to Board review and approval. We also advise the Board on the use of consultants and multiple bid selection when required.

Emergency Response

Property Force provides 24-hour emergency response operations using trusted Bay Area general contractors. Our list of trusted professional service providers include plumbing, electrical, water infiltration repair, among others.

Major Projects

Major project management and guidance is an inventible part of every property’s life cycle. Property Force works with the Board through all dimensions of the projects, covering legal, financial, and organizational needs. Property Force also interfaces directly with consultants and contractors to keep the projects financially efficient.

Property Force also offers Property Management consulting, full bookkeeping services, and project management solutions.