SF Investors Betting Big on Housing Recovery

Massive real estate gambles from major market stakeholders in early 2013 through till now signal a healthy future for the housing market. From private equity firms like Blackstone Group and Pine River Capital Management, to homebuilders like Taylor Morison and TriPointe Homes, optimism is in the air and on the books.

Investment bankers and thought leaders with a finger on the market forecast an increase in public moves from homebuilders as the market heats up. Arizona-based Taylor Morison plans to go public while TriPointe home raised over $230 million from an IPO in February. These are just a few of the companies experiencing the early benefits of a housing market that looks to recover strong.

Current public homebuilders are also doing well, with companies like PuleGroup and Lennar enjoying recent trading success and share prices that have skyrocketed over the last twelve months.

Paulson & Co, an investment management firm from New York City, has spent the last several years buying huge land offerings around the United States and only plans to continue this aggressive growth in trust of a good market.

The performance of publicly traded companies, moves toward IPOs from private firms, and the aggressive tactics from real estate investors all point to renewed belief in a healthy future for the housing market. This is great news for individual property owners with private investments. These investments seem to have a very bright future ahead of them.