Foreign Investors Flocking to Bay Area

Recent years have shown us that we’ll experience a surge of foreign investors, especially in metropolitan areas. And statistics now come to show us exactly that: Asian buyers are particularly interested in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York as valid multifamily investment opportunities. This is mainly due to these US cities’ resemblance to major cities in China and Japan where population density closely matches that found in our cities. And the Bay Area property management sector helps further this process along on two sides.

Management and Marketing to and for Asian Buyers in the Bay Area

The first thing we need to understand about this influx of Asian buyers is the fact that they’re not only looking to rent or start businesses in commercial spaces across these cities. They’re on the hunt for multifamily assets, which then can be used as pivot points for starting businesses in their area and contributing significantly to the local economy.

And San Francisco’s Bay Area is near the top of the list as far as foreign investments go. The city’s already rolling in around the same profits it has made throughout all of last year, and this year still has a couple of months before it’s over.

With Bay Area property management services, you can make sure of two things, depending on whether you’re a homeowner looking to sell, or someone looking to buy property in the area. You can sell your house at a great price, as the real estate market is finally out of that money-draining loop it’s been in in the last few years. And as a future homeowner, you can find great property for sale in the Bay Area and experience the consequences of the influx of Asian buyers in the area – more business opportunities, a heightened emphasis put on development in the area and more and more companies opening offices there to accommodate the fresh new workforce.

So contact the Bay Area Property Management services to make this whole process as seamless, as simple and as profitable as you can, regardless of your quality as a buyer or a seller.

Commercial Real Estate Opportunities in Redwood City

As a Bay Area property Management Redwood City service, we’re always on the lookout for new opportunities for our clients. Some want to purchase commercial spaces and start their own businesses, others are happy with leasing them, and in San Francisco, Redwood City included, commercial real estate is steadily on the rise. New entrepreneurs who’ve made a big impact, sometimes even on a worldwide scene, are looking for huge spaces to rent, while otherwise common household names are moving, opening up crucial spaces that can be used by potentially booming businesses.

How Can Bay Area Property Management Redwood City Help?

As a property management firm, we’re dedicated to bring owners at the forefront of the real estate market, by successfully and comprehensively managing their investments. Everything from taking care of the accounting related to leasing a property, to maintenance, inspections to project management in case some work needs to be done on the property in question.

With us, you can ensure you get to focus on your other endeavors instead of wasting precious time and resources on managing the property personally. The commercial real estate opportunities presenting themselves in San Francisco, like the world-renowned Uber Technologies moving into the Monadnock Building, occupying the four floors that previously hosted a Macy’s is just one example of a flourishing economy on the rise.

Given our trade, we’re already well-acquainted with anybody who’s somebody in the area, so we can successfully keep tabs on properties that are becoming available on the go. That gives us the opportunity to inform our clients of opportunities that usually come at affordable prices, before the entire real estate market gets wind of the news. This edge is exactly what makes us here at Property Force the leading force in our real estate market segment.
So contact us right now if you want to get the first wind of new real estate made available at any given time in Redwood City, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara or the Bay Area.

The Commercial Investment Market in Santa Clara

Now that we’re out of the lurch from a financial standpoint, we can easily notice a couple of things happening: the government has loosened its pockets once again, people are not that uptight about investing anymore and entrepreneurs are seeking new, innovative ways to develop their businesses. And all that translates and revolves around the commercial investment market, which studies and statistics show is thriving. And with the services ofproperty management Santa Clara, you can step up your own game and get in on the action before we’ll be faced with new financial or market problems.

Property Management Santa Clara, At the Forefront of Commercial Real Estate

Years of experience, a dedicated team of professionals and extensive connections across San Francisco, Redwood City, Santa Clara, Bay Area and San Jose, we can offer our clients a clear advantage. Without having to oversee everything related to a piece of property you own, and allowing us to find the best matches for said property will serve you well on the long run. You can focus on developing or even raising money to invest in new properties, while we manage everything from accounting, to property maintenance, rent collection and reporting for you.

The emphasis right now is on the commercial sector. This is because there’s no significant increase in residential real estate, the commercial sector is booming. In time, this can only mean one thing: people moving in nearby to fill the positions made available. Commercial spaces are also safer on the long run, given that businesses almost always look for available spaces to occupy and expand their trade. Industries are close to follow, which can increase available jobs as well, again resulting in a residential need spike.

One other important segment related to the commercial sector is construction. So if you own a property and are not sure what to do with it, or are looking to invest in a property suited for commercial or construction purposes, then be sure to contact us and start reaping the benefits of being a part of the commercial investment market today!

Protect Properties with Earthquake Insurance

Even though you might not feel them, San Francisco has minuscule earthquakes every single day, and on average the city experiences at least one a year that will definitely make you take notice. On August 24th, an earthquake struck Napa, California, just an hour’s drive away from San Francisco. The resulting damage could exceed $500 million according to Risk Management Solutions, one of the leading risk management software providers to insurers across California. But this only takes into account claim damages submitted for insured properties. CoreLogic EQECAT estimate uninsured damage reaching up to $2 billion.

During our time as one of the leading property management companies in San Francisco, we’ve seen this situation play out nearly every year. Yes, this specific event was very localized, and most of the damage occurred in unreinforced brick structures in downtown Napa; however, for the people on the hook for $2 billion worth of damages, this relatively small 6.0 earthquake is certainly not something to shrug off.

Our property management in San Francisco focuses on helping people make financially sound yet worthwhile investments. But without earthquake insurance, you’re taking a gamble far more risky than buying a new piece of land or building. Despite how prone San Francisco is to earthquakes, most residential policies don’t cover the damage, leaving owners without a separate earthquake policy liable for all repairs to their properties and replacement of any personal items damaged in the quake.

Purchasing an earthquake insurance policy prevents all of this. While even the yearly moderate earthquakes San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area experience often do little more than knock pictures off of shelves and crumble already dilapidated structures, it just takes one to destroy your investment and put you in financial ruin. When looking for a policy, it’s important to determine what level of coverage you need, factoring in the cost of replacing the household or business possessions kept on the property, pay for temporary accommodations in the event your property becomes unusable, and make any repairs, or possibly replace, the structure on your property.

When you have significant funds saved, lines of credit available or built-in equity you can afford to lose, you can often choose an earthquake insurance policy that covers less than the overall investment you have in San Francisco; however, during our time handling residential and commercial property management in San Francisco, we’ve learned that paying a slightly higher premium every month or year is worth the peace of mind and security.

Santa Clara: A Property Investor’s Paradise

Although we love to help our clients find properties with the perfect layout, stellar interior finishes and plenty of square footage, we know that location is one of the most important aspects of property management. You’ve heard the catch phrase before: you can change a house, but you can’t change its location.

Santa Clara, known as The Mission City and voted one of the top 10 All-American cities by the National Civic League, is a prime example of how the overall look and feel of a city as well as the unique quirks and available business and entertainment can truly transform even a basic investment property into a one-of-a-kind gem. Thankfully, it also happens to be home to some of the most stunning examples of architecture in the state of California, which makes working property management in Santa Clara a dream.

Founded in 1852, Santa Clara is the new home of the San Francisco 49ers, who took up shop in the newly-built Levi Stadium in 2011. Smack dab in the middle of Silicon Valley, property values are phenomenal, and the geographic position of this city makes it ideal for any investor. Hop in your car and head south for 45 miles and you’ll be in San Francisco, or cruise on to the nearby major freeways and expressways to get wherever you need to go fast. And when dealing with California traffic doesn’t sound appealing, you have plenty of public transportation to choose from, including railroads, light rails and more.

But while it’s always good to invest in a city that gives you quick, easy access to the surrounding areas, it’s important that what’s in the city itself holds your interest, especially when it comes to investment. As property management experts in Santa Clara, we’ve come to know this gorgeous city inside and out, a place known for being family oriented while still welcoming businesses of all sizes, creating the foundation for a thriving economy. Spend your Saturday at the California Great America theme park or get your artistic fix by wandering through the de Saisset Museum, Intel Museum, or the esteemed Triton Museum of Art. Do you want your kids to have easy access to the oldest institute of higher education in California? The historic Santa Clara University is the second highest-rated master’s university in the west while still providing top-level undergraduate education.

Lined in trees and boasting gorgeous sun filled days for the majority of the year, investing in Santa Clara property simply makes sense for families and businesses alike. Boasting a low crime rate and an excellent public school systems, families can truly build a life here. In addition, the city has the lowest combined utility costs in the Bay Area and it’s one of the most affordable cities in the nation for businesses, two factors that allow for a secure and thriving commercial and industrial centers.

With exceptionally low business taxes and real estate that continues to maintain and increase in value, our property management team in Santa Clara can help you purchase a little piece of this booming city, and show you just how much location really comes into play when deciding real estate worth.

Why Redwood City is a Good Place to Relocate

If you’re looking for somewhere quiet, scenic and welcoming, Redwood City is located on the western side of the bay Area and sits between San Mateo and Palo Alto in the north and south respectively. In the recent times, the local real estate industry has experienced an upsurge and, as a result, the demand for both residential and commercial real estate is very high. The city has a rich historical background particularly for the Bay Area and is loved by both residents and visitors. If you’re planning to relocate here, perhaps your getting married and are looking for a day of wedding coordinator in the area, either way it is important to use a reputable Redwood City property management firm with local knowledge of the area and its trends.

Whether you’re a single person, you have a family, or you’re looking for a retirement home, Redwood City has all the options to cater for those planning to be part of this vibrant closely knit community. Redwood City has a lot to offer in terms of amenities such as entertainment spots that allow residents to take time off their busy schedules to have fun and relax. With numerous neighborhoods to choose from, using a local Bay Area relocation company is the best way to get firsthand information on the best places to live.

Buying a home or commercial property in Redwood City is a major investment that should be treated with a lot of caution. Receiving the best advice requires the expertise of a consultant whose vast experience dealing with the local real estate sector spans several years. Using a professional is beneficial because it is only this way that you get to learn about the advantages of living in Redwood City. With a lot of events and festivities taking place throughout the year, this city is the perfect destination for fun lovers who’re interested in residing in a place that has numerous attractions.

The presence of theaters, shopping malls, boutiques, restaurants and stores operating both day and night is a huge advantage for those in need of around the clock fun and excitement. For those searching for employment opportunities, Redwood City is home to large and globally renowned brands such as the DreamWorks, the giant animation movies maker, software giant Oracle alongside other top corporate companies employing a huge number of people.

Redwood City’s booming economy and excellent weather have contributed to an increase in inquiries for both residential and commercial relocation. At Property Force we have had to increase our number of licensed agents to support the increasing demand. The city is also well known for high standards of security and is, therefore, an attraction for real estate investors in need of a safe environment to live and work. Planning to relocate to Redwood City can be simplified by giving us a call to begin the education process.

Property Force is launching a video series this month aimed at education investment property owners on the who, how’s and why’s of managing properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow us on Twitter to see our first set of videos this week.

How to Buy a Home in the Bay Area

When you are looking to purchase a home in the Bay area, it is important to work with the right San Francisco Relocation / Property Management firm to find the right place that meets your needs. After that, there are a considerable number of factors that you should take into account so that you can make the most of your opportunities.

Purchasing a home, particularly in the Bay area requires the right planning which is especially true for first time home buyers and folks relocating to the area. What follows are sound tips to purchasing the right property for your needs in San Francisco.

Make a Large Down Payment

A basic rule of thumb is that the more you save, the better position you will be in obtaining the loan and the better you will look on paper to the sellers. You’ll want to put down as much money as you can, but the general rule is that 20% works well for first-time home buyers. This is because 20% shows just how much of a stake in the property they are willing to pay.

While FHA loans or those insured by the Federal Housing Administration offer a greatly reduced down payment, sometimes as low as only 3.5% of the purchase price, they require buyers to actually pay for private mortgage insurance which can be as high as 1.5% of the loan each year. Having a much larger down payment more than offsets the overall cost that would be incurred by adding private mortgage insurance rates.

How to Save for that Down Payment

Admittedly, saving up 20% for a home that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars is not going to be easy. However, the effort will certainly be worth it considering just how much you can save on your mortgage with such a large down payment in effect.

Here are some effective methods to help you save money so that you can earn that down payment faster. Remember to draw up a plan of action first so that you can calculate how much you can save and the time period in which you will accomplish your goal so that you focus your efforts.

Eat More at Home
Live Off One Income, Use the Other to Save for the Home
Sell your Vehicle
Live with Your Parents
Divert Money into Savings Account
Create a New Income Stream
Invest in a Business

Each of these methods can really save you money and you can target that to your down payment. Selling your vehicle may very well earn you thousands of dollars instantly which can significantly cut down on the time needed to create the down payment you need. However, the most effective may be to create a new income stream that will grow over time and not only get you the down payment, but also pay for the mortgage as well.
Be sure to consult with the right San Francisco Property Management / Relocation Company so you get the best home for your needs. Plus, you can receive sound advice to save up for your down payment and other helpful hints as well.

New Magazine for Landlords in the San Francisco Bay Area

For landlords, it takes more than just knowing your own property to ensure that you are getting the best information about marketing. Whether you run a small property up near Sacramento or have a large Bay AreaProperty Management firm, you need to know what is going on when it comes to the property management industry in Northern California.

Fortunately, a publication now exists that provides exactly the right type of information that will help you better run your properties while informing you of what is happening with other, similar properties in the region.

What is Landlord Property Management Magazine?

A proper resource for the over 50,000 Multi-Family property owners across the Northern California region, Landlord Property Management Magazine provides the best in marketing information on a monthly basis that includes Appraisers, Realtors, Investment Owners and those who buy and sell investment properties as well.

A sister publication to the popular Apartment Management Magazines of Southern California, this effort provides valuable information in a number of pertinent areas so that you can have the best information when making all types of decisions about your property needs. Published on a monthly basis, this magazine is a must-have for those who own multi-family rental properties and want the best information on a wide variety of matters that directly deal with their situation.

The Advantages of Our Publication

There are several benefits provided by the magazine we offer which is targeted to the interest, services and everyday occurrences faced by property management owners and firms.

Property Management Services: Get real insider information about the different services that rental property owners are using to attract and keep the best tenants. From a fundamental understanding of the business to the latest tips and advice in services that works to your benefit, every month is filled with new information and ideas about providing the best in services.

Maintenance Services & Tips: Understand just how to maintain your property and keep it in tip-top shape using the latest information in the industry. With resources that are spread out around the Northern California area, you’ll read about great tips that may help you save money or find new methods to keep your properties in shape.

Legal Services & Advice: As you know, the laws in California regarding property management can change frequently and have unexpected effects as well. This magazine keeps you informed about the latest changes so that you can make the necessary changes to comply with the newest laws, rules and regulations.

Special Information & Info: Perhaps the best part about the magazine is learning something that you didn’t know about how to run your property. The reader-friendly approach and emphasis on providing the best information means that you can learn tips that may put more money in your pocket and make your investment even more meaningful.

Landlord Property Management Magazine is the best publication when it comes to properly managing your properties while providing an overview of what is happening in the industry. Operated by an experienced Bay Area property management firm, this is the perfect publication to keep you informed, provide the best tips and seize opportunities when they strike.

Why You Need Property Management

Getting to own property in San Francisco is a journey and a struggle in its own – managing it is a whole other endeavor you’d better leave to the professionals. We may think that it’s a breeze – what’s so hard in keeping up with the market and make sure we’ve got all the info needed to turn a usually big investment into an even bigger profit? But truth is, without the help of specialized San Francisco property management services, we’re often setting ourselves up to fail.

What San Francisco Property Management Services Can Do For You

First off, once you allow your property to be managed by professionals, you know a few things for sure: they’ll manage rent, evictions, oversee price rises and drops and keep you posted on all things related to the property. This means that all your accounting needs are being taken care of, so you won’t have to. Renters will pay their rent which will automatically be transferred into your personal account on time.

Leases and tenants also are managed directly by the San Francisco property management service. They’ll find the right people for your property and make sure that everything is in order before allowing them to move in. The property management service also handles evictions in case some tenant cannot continue making rent payments.

One last thing I find really helpful is the fact that a good San Francisco property management service also overlooks maintenance needs and project management on renovation. There’s really little I need to worry about once I get my property in more than capable hands who can solve and deal with any unexpected problems that may arise on the horizon.

So you can see that there are plenty of benefits of employing San Francisco property management services. These, along with the aggressive marketing strategies they employ are all you need to ensure your property is in good hands.

San Jose’s National Night Out

The recent National Night Out in San Jose sheds light on the benefits of knowing your neighbors, both to prevent crime and create a more tight-knit, family-friendly community.

Thinking outside of the box, San Jose has been hosting National Night Out for over 30 years, a joint effort between the National Association of Town Watch and the San Jose Police Department. Police forces in towns across the country also work with the NATW to host similar events, to the tune of 37 million participants. Pot lucks, block parties, barbecues and more ensue, giving communities a chance to meet neighbors, make new friends and enjoy a good time while relaxing with local law enforcement.

After years of experience in property management in San Jose, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits that these types of events and programs offer. At its core, the National Night Out helps to forge a relationship between neighbors; between communities and local police forces. This encourages and solidifies community programs to reduce crime as well as further inspires cooperation between members of local communities, and residents and public servants.

Our experience in property management in San Jose has shown us that when communities work together to build safer, friendlier environments, everybody benefits. Events such as these encourage neighbors to keep an eye out for one another, whether noticing an unknown person lurking outside your house when you’re at work or ensuring those around you are comfortable enough to check on you when something sounds or looks amiss at home.

The result is faster reporting, improved police response time and an overall feeling of partnership and support. And on a daily basis, a strong sense of friendship between neighbors ensures that a kid who falls off his bike is instantly helped, a family on vacation has the peace of mind to know that their home is being looked after, and residents are more apt to maintain the neighborhood and offer a helping hand when needed.

As property management experts in San Jose, we’re constantly working with landlords and tenants, and for this reason, we’re keenly aware of how difficult it can be to start renting in a new area. Events such as these not only allow new tenants to “meet the neighbors,” they also turn a random grouping of houses into a community, one that understands the benefits of knowing your neighbors and, in turn, reaches out to new residents to welcome them.