New Magazine for Landlords in the San Francisco Bay Area

For landlords, it takes more than just knowing your own property to ensure that you are getting the best information about marketing. Whether you run a small property up near Sacramento or have a large Bay AreaProperty Management firm, you need to know what is going on when it comes to the property management industry in Northern California.

Fortunately, a publication now exists that provides exactly the right type of information that will help you better run your properties while informing you of what is happening with other, similar properties in the region.

What is Landlord Property Management Magazine?

A proper resource for the over 50,000 Multi-Family property owners across the Northern California region, Landlord Property Management Magazine provides the best in marketing information on a monthly basis that includes Appraisers, Realtors, Investment Owners and those who buy and sell investment properties as well.

A sister publication to the popular Apartment Management Magazines of Southern California, this effort provides valuable information in a number of pertinent areas so that you can have the best information when making all types of decisions about your property needs. Published on a monthly basis, this magazine is a must-have for those who own multi-family rental properties and want the best information on a wide variety of matters that directly deal with their situation.

The Advantages of Our Publication

There are several benefits provided by the magazine we offer which is targeted to the interest, services and everyday occurrences faced by property management owners and firms.

Property Management Services: Get real insider information about the different services that rental property owners are using to attract and keep the best tenants. From a fundamental understanding of the business to the latest tips and advice in services that works to your benefit, every month is filled with new information and ideas about providing the best in services.

Maintenance Services & Tips: Understand just how to maintain your property and keep it in tip-top shape using the latest information in the industry. With resources that are spread out around the Northern California area, you’ll read about great tips that may help you save money or find new methods to keep your properties in shape.

Legal Services & Advice: As you know, the laws in California regarding property management can change frequently and have unexpected effects as well. This magazine keeps you informed about the latest changes so that you can make the necessary changes to comply with the newest laws, rules and regulations.

Special Information & Info: Perhaps the best part about the magazine is learning something that you didn’t know about how to run your property. The reader-friendly approach and emphasis on providing the best information means that you can learn tips that may put more money in your pocket and make your investment even more meaningful.

Landlord Property Management Magazine is the best publication when it comes to properly managing your properties while providing an overview of what is happening in the industry. Operated by an experienced Bay Area property management firm, this is the perfect publication to keep you informed, provide the best tips and seize opportunities when they strike.