San Jose’s National Night Out

The recent National Night Out in San Jose sheds light on the benefits of knowing your neighbors, both to prevent crime and create a more tight-knit, family-friendly community.

Thinking outside of the box, San Jose has been hosting National Night Out for over 30 years, a joint effort between the National Association of Town Watch and the San Jose Police Department. Police forces in towns across the country also work with the NATW to host similar events, to the tune of 37 million participants. Pot lucks, block parties, barbecues and more ensue, giving communities a chance to meet neighbors, make new friends and enjoy a good time while relaxing with local law enforcement.

After years of experience in property management in San Jose, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits that these types of events and programs offer. At its core, the National Night Out helps to forge a relationship between neighbors; between communities and local police forces. This encourages and solidifies community programs to reduce crime as well as further inspires cooperation between members of local communities, and residents and public servants.

Our experience in property management in San Jose has shown us that when communities work together to build safer, friendlier environments, everybody benefits. Events such as these encourage neighbors to keep an eye out for one another, whether noticing an unknown person lurking outside your house when you’re at work or ensuring those around you are comfortable enough to check on you when something sounds or looks amiss at home.

The result is faster reporting, improved police response time and an overall feeling of partnership and support. And on a daily basis, a strong sense of friendship between neighbors ensures that a kid who falls off his bike is instantly helped, a family on vacation has the peace of mind to know that their home is being looked after, and residents are more apt to maintain the neighborhood and offer a helping hand when needed.

As property management experts in San Jose, we’re constantly working with landlords and tenants, and for this reason, we’re keenly aware of how difficult it can be to start renting in a new area. Events such as these not only allow new tenants to “meet the neighbors,” they also turn a random grouping of houses into a community, one that understands the benefits of knowing your neighbors and, in turn, reaches out to new residents to welcome them.