A Property Management Client Experience

Whenever I buy a piece of property, I instantly start searching for someone competent to take care of it and properly manage it. The last I bought was in San Jose and I hired a San Jose property management firm to take care of all my needs regarding said property. And they truly surpassed my expectations by a great deal – from marketing, to maintenance, accounting and even evictions, they literally did everything for me.

How the San Jose Property Management Folks Helped

They first wanted to get a good look at the place and make their initial evaluation. Once they’ve done that, there was some maintenance work needed to be done and they oversaw the whole thing – I didn’t even need to talk to contractors or anything like that.

When maintenance was done, they started some great marketing on the internet spreading the word about this newly available property in great condition. People were flocking to see it with over 30 potential renters at the first open house. I was relieved that I didn’t have to go there all the time or answer the phone, giving details people wanted to know. The folks at Property Force managed all this and more!

I receive the rent money in my account via wire – no problems. Rent was always on time until the people living there couldn’t afford it anymore and the property management people got them out and found another family for my property. Ever since then, all I’m doing is collecting rent. The Property Force, San Jose property management division also handled the renovation work the current renters asked for with the team at Property Force negotiating an increase in rent making all parties happy.

As a home owner, you have a lot of things you need to think about and having to worry about an additional property or properties is something most of us don’t have the time for. That’s why I strongly recommend hiring a San Jose property management firm that can and will oversee all your needs and make sure everything’s in order at all times.