Dinner & a Show in the Bay Area

If you are moving to the bay area, then you are about to experience one of the best places to live in the country. San Francisco has been described as the “Paris of America” for its attractions, landmarks, incredible restaurants and vibrant nightlife. For those who are moving to the bay area for the first time, you will experience something of a sensory overload, but that will soon pass as you settle in and take advantage of the many different events and attractions that this city has to offer.

Perhaps best representative of any great city is the number of great restaurants and shows that they have to offer, allowing individuals, couples and families to enjoy a great night out while drinking in the sights. What follows are a selection of great restaurants followed by a few of the many celebrated shows that you can take in while staying in the bay area.


To argue which is the best restaurant is pointless since so many offer wonderful food, but here is a selection of what is considered the finest in the bay area.

Angele: Although only in existence for a couple of years, this wonderful French restaurant has earned it place for the sumptuous food and excellent outdoor dining on the warm days.

Nopa: Standing for “North of the Panhandle”, this restaurant offers an excellent selection that is cooked over a wood-burning oven. From baked pasta to braised rabbit legs to a simple, yet delicious hamburger, you can find plenty to enjoy hear.

Oenotri: The finest cuisine of Southern Italy is found here with much of their produce coming from their four acre garden. You’ll find sumptuous Italian cuisine from pastas to their spaghetti al’ Arrabiata that will clear the sinuses with it heat.

Bay Area Shows

Of course, once you’ve enjoyed your dinner it’s now time for a great show. What follows are just a sample of the many great shows running in the bay area.

Great American Music Hall: Over 100 years old and still a treasure, This historic hall hosts a wide variety of music events which have something for everyone. You can even enjoy your dinner here as the food is really great.

The Independent: Arguably the best sound and presentation of any music venue, many of the top acts come to this place to perform. Plus, there is not a bad seat in the house as you can rock out to many of the best groups. Bring your earplugs!

The Fillmore: This legendary venue may look a little nondescript from the outside, but it is an incredible experience to see the best San Fran has to offer once you climb the stairs. The large floor area and fresh apples make this an unforgettable place to catch a great show.

If you are moving into the community, then you’ll need the professional resources of a proper bay area property management company to find the right home for the needs of you and your family. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of living conditions while taking advantage of the vibrant night life that the bay area has to offer.