What to Do in Redwood City

If you and your family are relocating to Redwood City, then you will be in for quite a treat as this is one of the most vibrant parts of the bay area. Redwood City is a historic part of the bay area and offers many types of entertainment, events and festivities perfect for you and your family to enjoy.
Redwood City is located on between San Mateo on the north and Palo Alto to the south on the western side of the bay. This makes it an ideal location for travelling to many different part of the bay area and you are also close to the Dumbarton Bridge which will take you across the bay. For those who have never been to this area, here are some places that you should check out as you move into the community. While representing on a few things to do in this great city, it is a good starting point to get to know this town.

Redwood City Downtown

The downtown area of Redwood City has been revitalized with an emphasis on entertainment and improving the overall structures that make this part of the bay area unique. A 20-screen theatre along with a number of shops were opened in this prime location. In addition, the theatre complex itself boasts a restaurant and other retail space for businesses.

Plus, there were other major improvements to the historic courthouse which is located on Broadway. A large courtyard was put in place along with water fountains and at night the glass dome of the courthouse changes colors every eleven seconds.

Places of Interest

There are many different places that you can visit in the Redwood City and surrounding area which include places to play, learn and discover as this part of the bay area offers a diverse number of attractions.

Pulgas Water Temple: No visit to Redwood City is complete without visiting this famous part of the city. You’ll be surrounded by water and enjoy every minute of your visit.

San Mateo County History Museum: This is a great place to learn where you live starts at this museum which is just to the north of Redwood City. You can find all types of artifacts and revel in the local history of this area at this museum which holds many valuable treasures of interest.

Club Fox: Where all the bands play, Club Fox has a well deserved reputation for showcasing the latest entertainment. For those who love discovering new bands in an exciting venue, Club Fox is the place to be.

Music on the Square: Located on Broadway Street, Music on the Square is where people gather for lunch or on the weekends and enjoy the myriad of musical acts and events that hold concerts on a regular basis. You can really relax and enjoy yourself in this marvelous place.

For those moving into Redwood City, you’ll want to consult with the right bay area property management Santa Clara firm that offers the types of property that fits you and your family’s needs. For this new chapter in your life, you’ll want to enjoy the best of what Redwood City has to offer.