Does anyone rent properties to pet owners in San Francisco?

The truth is yes but not many. The Bay Area is not very pet friendly due to the multiple forms of liability that come with allowing pets. We have though found owners willing to change their mind occasionally when we provide a big picture of the entire family and their pet needs. One thing to keep in mind from the owner’s standpoint is that if a property is listed for rent and it states that they accept dogs the owner has to be willing to accept any type of dog. If that same owner owns a 5 unit property and the new tenant shows up with a Rottweiler, Pit-bull or any other stigmatized pet they may risk losing the other 4 tenants and all the funds associated with loss rents and prepping to re-market and find new tenants. Finding new tenants may also be an issue because of the stigmatized pets or noise they make while perspective tenants are viewing another unit in the building. As an industry standard there are more carrying costs for owners allowing pets as without pets. Items like landscaping, flooring, paint, window treatments, doors and believe it or not bathrooms are what is typically affected. When these items need to be replaced it costs the owner thousands for product, man power and lost rents throughout the update and marketing process which can take up to 45 days. These types of losses can be the difference between a property owner having a positive or negative cash flow.

We hope this gives you a better understanding behind the reasoning for San Francisco’s rental market hesitation to pets along with a better opportunity to relocate to one of the most beautiful places on earth.