San Francisco Bay Area Properties = Retirement Income for Today’s Youth

As a property management San Francisco firm on the front lines in the Bay Area property management market it is easy to see why so many firms want to be here, driving both commercial and residential rents so high. Where big business like JP Morgan goes the money goes. The great melting pot of the Bay Area allows companies from anywhere in the world the ability to attract some of the great industry talent not only from around the world but from the vast amount of talent already in the area. Have you been here and checked out the weather. Location, location, location, the Bay Area itself consist of 3 major cities to include, San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland with a total of 5 professional teams providing basketball, football and hockey. Within an hour and half of the San Francisco Bay Area you will find Napa Valley, Carmel, Sacramento and the foothills along the 5 separating the lush costal region with the dryer farming region. Continue on another hour east and you’re in the most amazing skiing anywhere in the world. Head north and you’ll find trees large enough drive your car through. If outdoors is your thing then the hiking, hunting and fishing is some of the most diverse in the United States and all within just a few hours. Other towns just an hour plane ride away include, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego and in most cases you can get a one way ticket for under $70.

It’s no wonder that San Francisco is always one of the top 5 in real estate sales growth and rental rates increases. There is no snow, annual precipitation is minimal and the climate is perfect with temps ranging from the 65 – 90 degrees level with humidity rates consistently on the low end. The natural weather of the coastal fog also comes in an out once a day providing a cool down to the bay area each night around 6pm. It’s not just companies moving here to attract talent but business owners are also moving here to enjoy the weather and vast amount of activities for themselves and their families.

History has consistently showed us through the ages that as great societies develop, the masses and industry begin to migrate towards the larger cities with folks learning to specialize relying on a village to live. Just when we think a price above all prices is paid per square foot you only have to wait a couple of years or until the upswing of the next market to see the next above all prices paid once again. For the first time in our history the United States has more American’s living near or within metropolitan areas than in rural America and like in all previous societies we will only see this increase. The big money is aware of this and spends a lot to ensure the decisions they make ahead of the industry are the right ones. Being a property manager in San Francisco combined with my having grown up and traveling back my roots in rural America gives me a perspective of change unseen by most. Owing investment property in Major Metropolitan areas like the Bay Area will be the avenue to wealth for our countries youth. Nowhere else will you be able to have an asset that pays for itself along with paying for your retirement all while not losing a dollar in value with the most probable outcome being a major increase in value. Like in all investments and more likely in real estate, longevity is what pays off. It’s not going to be the cash flow from day one but the cash flow in year 20 when you have paid off the mortgage, updated your investment to maintain high rent levels and have retired that you will get and need a bigger monthly cash flow. Plan for your future TODAY!! by calling us TODAY!!!!!! to get the industry knowledge you need to begin planning and investing for your retirement years.