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The larger companies are finally stepping it back up in the REITS industry after the 2008-2009 financial collapse that dealt crippling blows to several industries. It’s taken a considerable amount of times for the big players to get back in the game, but reluctance and fear of loss is a justified to response to what happened after the economic crisis that struck the industry and the nation over a half a decade ago.

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As for the continual changes in 2013, we were lucky that the end of 2013 showed an increase in the overall success of REITs and it’s hoped that 2014 is going show the numbers that we’ve been looking for. The entire REIT industry grew overall with a total worth of $670 billion at the end of 2013, showing that numbers are on the rise. Now that larger players are cranking out bigger numbers, and getting more involved again there is sure to be an even bigger increase in the first half of 2014.

The listed REITs of 2013 crushed the previous year of 2012 numbers by more than 3 billion dollars. This shows the participation of the larger players has had a dramatic effect on the current numbers, and at the rate of growth that is seen the numbers are sure to climb even higher. Offerings and funds raised have come in the forms of several types. 2013 left us with some of the biggest financial breakthroughs in the history, one of these which totaled 8.27 billion dollars raised in 29 IPOs. These earnings were raised from REITs in a variety of property sectors, ranging from the home financing sectors, to the financing sectors. Funds raised from IPOs were raised equally between the first and second halves of the years.

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The Entire REIT Industry Grows

As we watched the big industry players help raise the growth of the whole REIT industry we saw the market capitalization increase dramatically. We saw a staggering 29 companies indexed in 2013 which proves that the financial collapse effects on the REIT industry is long gone, and ultra-successful industry leaders are here to stay.

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As such industry levels climbed at a steady rate help maintain a formidable amount of available leverage, although it was still considered moderate by some. As the debt ratios across the board, specifically those of the FTSE NAREIT all REIT index hit an all-time low, the United States REIT stocks underperformed the much larger equity market in 2013, it was the first time that it had happened in five years. Even the big boys who decided to get their feet wet again where affected by these numbers, it shows that there is no one above the financial changes of the economy.

As the numbers go, FTSE NAREIT all REITs Index gained in total return basis in 2013. High Competitive investment yields were consistent occurrences for income investors in 2013. All the Dividend Yields varied across the entire REITs Market as follows.

– FTSE NAREIT all REITs Index 4.43% / FTSE NAREIT all Equity REITs Index 3.91% / FTSE NREIT Mortgage REITs Index 1.98%

The Big Boys See the Bigger Picture, So Should Everyone Else

The reality is that real estate should be seen with long term goals in mind, and you should be leveraging off of the knowledge and success of a quality property management team. The investments that occur in real estate fluctuate and grow. You have to learn to leverage off the right investments at the right time, and use the changes in the economy to your advantage.

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Take this quote from NAREIT president and CEO Steven A. Weschler “Real estate is a strategic more than a tactical investment, and real estate investors have historically been rewarded for a long-term orientation,” said NAREIT president and CEO Steven A. Wechsler.

Since the start of REIT industry back in 1992, we have seen a long term increase in the FTSE NAREIT all REITs Index annual total return. To give an example an investment of $10,000 at the industry starting point would now be worth $86,965. That’s a huge increase by any industries numbers; this could be the reason that we are seeing the new engagement by some of the big players in the industry.

And as these numbers show the ones who succeed in the Real Estate industry are the ones who see far off into the future. By planning ahead five to ten years, you could create a fortune off of several smaller investments. There is no limit to the potential for growth in the REIT industry, and we should all pay attention to what the big investors are doing, and what moves they are making.

In final some of the market sectors delivered double-digit returns in 2013. And the opportunity for 2014 to be the best year yet is always possible. For information on REITs willingness to increase leverage to fund construction pipelines read this article on aptly titled REITs Finally Ramp Up Development Pipelines.