How a San Francisco Property Management Firm Saved Me

I’m here to tell you the story of how a simple San Francisco Property Management company quite literally saved my life. Not in the sense that the company ran into a burning building and pulled me out of it of course, but rather in the sense that they truly helped me keep things together during the difficult financial period our nation has been recently facing. I didn’t realize it at the time, but having the right property management in San Francisco was able to help me do three important things at a reasonable cost:

Kept my Properties Full

I thought I had a decent residency rate, but as the economy tightened I gradually lost renters to attrition. Once I had property management in San Francisco assisting me with renter placement, I was able to get my occupancy rates nearly all the way back up to where they used to be before the downturn.

Helped me Secure Financing

At one point, before I engaged the services of a professional company, things were nearly so bad that I defaulted on my loan for one of my properties. I didn’t realize it, but most San Francisco property management firms have a ton of industry contacts, including those in the banking and finance sectors. They were able to help me secure the short-term loan that literally pulled my fat out of the fire.

Handled Day-to-Day Management/Maintenance

Make no mistake, even routine property management in San Francisco can be hard work. As my finances got in worse and worse shape, I found myself responsible for more and more of the daily maintenance and management duties associated with administering my property. This created a vicious spiral where I was working harder, not smarter. Getting help from good property management in San Francisco helped me break that cycle and get back on track.

A good San Francisco property management company can really help property owners in a variety of different ways. They quite literally helped me save my business and investments, by helping me find renters for my property even in tough economic times, helping me secure financing when I needed it most, and helping me administer the properties and keep them in excellent working order for my tenants. I suggest that any property owner in the San Francisco area contact a reliable property management group, such as Property Force, and speak with them today about how they can help with your needs and circumstances.