San Francisco Tenants Know Your Rights

There are hundreds of landlords involved in property management SF and throughout the bay area who have plenty of tenants breaking their leases due to a variety of situations, such as losing their job, facing an emergency and so forth. Breaking a lease is a rather common occurrence which will in most cases have the tenant facing additional payments to cover the losses of income that will occur to the landlord and property management SF firm.

Paying for Damages

One of the oldest landlord scams is tying conditions to breaking the lease, such as advertising for a new tenant or paying an unusually high fee to cover advertising expenses. While the loss of income from the non-payment of the remainder of the rent is a legitimate expense, high advertising fees are not in this day and age of the internet when placing online ads cost very little. A free tenant resource is the San Francisco’s Tenants Union organization where they have been fighting for tenants’ rights in San Francisco since 1970.

However, this will not stop a uniformed landlord who expects you to do all the work in finding them a replacement while trying to dig as much money out of you as possible. Unfortunately, most tenants do not know the full extent of their rights under the law and many are willing to pay these expenses.

Tenants Rights in Breaking a Lease

Tenants are not responsible for finding replacements in renting the property. Plus, tenants can move out at any time as long as a 30 day written notification is given. However, they will face the consequences of breaking the lease in terms of the income lost to the property owner and property management firm. Although those loses will generally be limited to the non-payment of the remainder of the lease and little else.

Landlords do not own you, they are only renting you their property and you have rights recognized under local, state and federal law that places limits on what landlords can do in these situations. If you have to break your lease, a written 30 day notification is all that is required to protect you from incurring expenses that go far beyond the remainder of the rent that is owed.

The Reputation of the Property

This is just another reason why real estate investment owners should do the research in finding a reputable property management SF firm. Despite the value of your property or the positive benefits like low management fees’ working with a reputable firm is more important than ever.

For property owners, the effects of negative publicity in terms of reviews can be very significant thanks to online review sites that many potential tenants will review first. When you consider that 10 bad experiences by tenants will translate into 10 bad reviews while 10 good experiences will usually produce a single good review, it behooves the property owner to work closely with a professional property management firm.

However, it also means that potential real estate investors should do a little more research than just getting everyone’s price and choosing the lowest. Virtually all businesses that have worked with a considerable number of people are going to have at least a few bad reviews. However, it is the pattern of reviews that really matters. You get what you pay for. If you are working with your 2nd or 3rd low cost property management firm and are still unsatisfied then it’s time to Call Property Force, Inc. today!

The Reputation of the Property Management Firm

For property management firms, avoiding the reputation for not being upfront with tenants or abusing the rules and regulations to their detriment will be red flags for anyone wanting to rent your property. Potential tenants, owners, should only consider reputable and well established property management firms like Property Force when partnering with a San Francisco property management firm to help you find your new rental property. Make the move to Property Force today to put your real estate investment in high gear.