2014 Best Cities for Rental Properties

San Francisco Property Management

Recently, All Property Management, a company that focuses exclusively on rating rental property markets to enable property owners to maximize their income, released its first Rental Property Investment (RPI) Scores of 2014. Of course, our San Francisco Property Management market was not surprised to see San Francisco rank in the top 10.

There were numerous key shifts in the current list, with San Francisco seeing one of the highest gains in ranking, largely due to strong job growth, solid rental prices, and increases in overall home value. All Property Management ranked San Francisco a solid 77, which indicates the San Francisco property market is stable, bordering on “stellar.”

RPI scores measure the overall attractiveness of a rental real estate market by combining solid data on housing, jobs, and housing forecasts, consolidating the information into a comprehensive score as well as providing breakout data for easy information gathering.

The information presented by All Property Management paints an incredibly clear picture of the benefits of investing in this area. All Property Management calculates average vacancy rates, yearly rent changes, capitalization rates, property appreciation, job growth, and the median length of time that properties sit on the market. As a leader in San Francisco property management, we’ve been on top of the trends in our housing market, and expect these numbers to improve throughout 2014.

The average vacancy rate in this area is only 5.5%, meaning that nearly every rental in San Francisco is occupied at any given time, ensuring that investors are unlikely to have long-term issues with finding tenants. The yearly rent variance change is a positive 8.4%, something that our San Francisco property management agency has witnessed firsthand. This means current investors will see an increase in revenue, while potential investors will need to act now to take advantage of this growth without paying more upfront down the line.

Property management in San Francisco requires that our staff is well-versed in the current real estate tendencies, and this extends to helping potential investors gauge the market. To date, San Francisco property appreciation has increased by nearly 5%, and the average home only sits on the market for 74 days. What does this mean for a potential investor? Buying a rental property in San Francisco now is essential. The rental housing market will only improve, and taking advantage of the low-hanging fruit currently available will give you the best return on investment later. If you wait, prices will only increase, and you could lose the opportunity to make significantly more on your investment over its lifetime. If you would like to see the full report from All Property Management.

Our San Francisco property management professionals make taking advantage of the current investor market easier than ever, whether you’re a seasoned rental property owner or just looking to benefit from the stellar pricing, incredible vacancy rates, and job growth in the area. If you’re interested in taking control of your financial future, contact our San Francisco property management agency today!