How to Make your Rental Property Attractive

Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area Property Management blog! We hope to provide our readers with useful information related to property ownership and rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lets start with a quick breakdown of renovations that can make your property more desirable to renters in San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Redwood City and other parts of the Bay Area.

Kitchen Upgrades

As one of the most highly trafficked spaces in any property, basic kitchen upgrades provide excellent value for renters. When renovating, Look to add new cabinetry and updated lighting for quick wins that renters will really appreciate. Even sanding and painting current cabinetry can do wonders for the space. You can also increase value by utilizing matching appliance sets for extra style points.


Wood, tile and natural stone upgrades add tremendous value to any property. These flooring upgrades may be expensive but they can withstand heavy traffic over long periods of time, nearly guaranteeing a positive return on your investment.

Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures are relatively inexpensive to replace but provide a solid improvement to the overall look and feel of a property. Like the kitchen, focus on matching collections to improve appearance. Unified coordination and fixture updates are important for bathroom value and is definitely noticed by renters.

Increased Storage Space

Storage is huge for renters in the San Francisco Bay Area. Extra storage is worth it’s weight in gold, especially when you get creative and don’t’ have to sacrifice other space in order to grain storage. Add shelves to a pantry or carve out a new closet in an awkward room corner.

Upgrade Windows

Eco-friendly renovations sound great to renters and help keep everyone happy. Quality window upgrades reduce heat and cold transfer and improved insulation saves money year round.